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Got Music?

Apply to the Artist Music Program (AMP) to kickstart your career and get your music featured in online videos all over the world.


 Join MatchTune's Artist Music Program


Get noticed

Grow your audience and expand your streaming channels as your music is used in online ads and social media videos worldwide.


Make more money

Generate revenue from your music every time someone downloads your track for an online ad or social media content.


Be heard

You will be featured in MatchTune social channels to help inspire creators all over the world to express themselves and their creative vision.


Distribute anywhere

It’s yours and we aren't going to limit your greatness. You can distribute your music any way you like even if is also part of AMP.


Keep your music rights

We aren’t going to limit you in any way. You keep the rights. This is a non-exclusive partnership.

How it works

The Matchtune AMP is a win for musicians and video content creators alike. In a music market that is growing more saturated by the day, standing out and earning a living as a musician has become an intimidating prospect. For video creators, scrolling through monotonous music libraries for hours on end, painstakingly searching for impactful music, represents an equally formidable roadblock. AMP provides a solution to both of these problems; content creators can have access to a library of professional music, and the artists behind this music can be compensated for their artform fairly.

MatchTune released its Studio App beta in June 2022 - a revolutionary hub for content creation that finds and edits music to video automatically through the power of AI. In order for content creators to have access to great music, however, Studio needs to maintain a wide variety of genres and backgrounds, and this is where AMP comes in. Whether you’re a jazz trio, rock band, acapella group or more, we’re truly excited to hear what you have to offer. We’re looking for music for a wide variety of video content.


Application Review

Application Decision Email Sent


Marketing Onboarding (if selected)

Go Live on Studio

Earn Money for Every Use of Your Track


How to get involved


Apply to the AMP by filling out a short introductory application form here


We’ll take a look at your application. We’re looking for a wide range of music, so please don't hesitate to apply! Just make sure that you submit music that you own, as we’ll be running submissions through our state-of-the-art copyrights check.


We will be in touch via email to let you know if you are accepted into the program.


If you are successful, we’ll ask you a few more questions, just to understand more about your music and background. If everything checks out, we’ll set you up with a non-exclusive contract - meaning that you will still be able to distribute your music elsewhere.


Once everything is finalized, we’ll add your music to the Studio platform. Here, it will be available to content creators to license through the app for their personal and commercial online and social media projects. 


Every time your music is chosen by a video content creator you will get a revenue split for the use of your music. 


A handful of successful artists will be featured on our website, social media pages, and our co-founder, world-renowned jazz musician André Manoukian’s Twitch, on which he will share and discuss your music with his 5,000+ strong fanbase. 

Why are we doing this?

At Matchtune, we’re wild about music. Our company founders are all active musicians, and believe strongly in fostering a more inclusive and accessible environment for young and emerging musicians. Our co-founder, renowned jazz musician and ‘Nouvelle Star’ judge André Manoukian, has devoted much of his professional life to nurturing up-and-coming musicians, and we’re very proud to be able to share his values as a company, offering musicians guidance and remuneration through AMP.


Matchtune has one goal: to create a more equitable digital music world, while also making it easier to create beautiful content. AMP truly exemplifies this; it’s an opportunity for musicians to access a new revenue stream, and an equally great opportunity for content creators to find moving, inspirational music that will enrich their content significantly.

It has never been harder to make a living as a musician. In 2021, it was reported that artists would need almost 300,000 streams on Spotify every month to be earning a minimum wage — $1256.67/month — a frightening statistic given that roughly 1% of songs on Spotify have reached a million streams in their lifetime. Even those who are lucky enough to be signed to a record label have a 0.0465% chance of making a sustainable income in music. Add this to a music market that is becoming more and more saturated by the day, and it casts a gloomy shadow over an artform that should be filled with such color and life.


As such, musicians are having to find more dynamic avenues to explore when earning money for their craft. We want to be one of those avenues, presenting artists not only with the opportunity to be compensated for their work, but also to have said work distributed in powerful creative projects that offer their music a bright opportunity to exist and impact the world.

First, fill out the application form below.
We will get back to you as quickly as possible to let you know if you are accepted. 


*Please note* due to an unusually high number of applicants it may take up to 4 weeks for us to review your application.


If you are accepted, we will email you next steps to the email provided.

Apply Now
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