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Simplifying music one feature at a time

Here is the fastest way to compare Studio's features and find out where to find them. When you subscribe to Studio, you have access to all of Studio and Studio Lite on any platform. 

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Mac OS
Web App
Studio Lite - Mac OS
Studio Lite - Adobe
Studio Lite - Web App + iOS & Android
Smart music search
Analysis of video to provide smart music matches
Automatic Music Editing
Re-edits music to match video duration
Video Sync
Re-edits music to match scenes in video
Smart Music Filters
Refine music suggestions based on energy level, contents of the video, music style, or music genre.
Text to Speech
Write text to create AI voices
Quick Captions
1-click transcription of dialogue timed with the video + easy caption editing
Instant Subtitles
Translate your captions instantly to create subtitles
Auto-reframing for Social
Automatically format for different social media sizes
Smart reframing for Social
Smart reframing tracks the subject of the video to crop for different social media sizes
Instant Posting
Instantly post to social media to skip clearance checks
Review the placement of the sections of edited music to match video cuts and adjust as needed
Upload your own audio track
Session Memory
Auto-save work in progress
Sound Effects
Choose from hundreds of sound effects and add them to your project with 1 click
My Music
Saved list of licensed music
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