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You're a creator

Not an all-day music-searcher

Studio auto-finds music for your video

2 million+ track catalog


Smart sync and remix tools for instant editing

Quick clearing for social media


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Easy is now an option.

When it comes to finding the right music and syncing it to your video, until now, your options have been: 
a) create a bad music edit, or 
b) spend hours (or days) editing a track


Studio is the easiest way to find the right music for your video. Simply upload your video for Studio to analyze and it will present you with a custom playlist of music that fits your content  — automatically. Plus, they will have already been edited to match your video duration and sync with any cuts. Yes, it can be that simple. 

It’s ok to be impatient

No one likes to wait around for their video to clear. With Studio’s instant posting, you don’t have to. 

Studio automatically lets you skip the review process, so that after you add music to your video, you can post directly to social media.  


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Looking for Studio on Google Play?

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