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Music Filters: Why They Matter, and How to Use Them

Once a video has been uploaded, Studio will immediately offer a fantastic handful of accompanying songs to choose from. However, some of the aficionados out there might want to get more of a feel for Studio’s functionality; to do a bit of molding and explore other avenues before settling on the initial music the A.I. offers you. This is where our filters come in. Here’s a little bit about what they are, what they do, and why they’re so important to understand and use.

Why do I need search filters?

This begs the question: ‘If Studio’s A.I. is so good, why do I need filters?’. Well, the A.I. Identifies the key content, factors and scenes in the video, and suggests music accordingly. For this reason, its analysis may not always line up with the nature or purpose of the video. It may recognise text on screen as news coverage instead of an ad. Or, while Studio might have offered some great electronic music, those with more traditional tastes might require some electric guitars and acoustic drums to satisfy their needs. In a few clicks, Studio can take this into account, go back to the drawing board, and return promptly with more appropriate suggestions.

How to use music search filters

On the right hand side of the screen, there are a couple of tabs named ‘Video For’ and ‘Music Style’. These are the search filters, and they can be used to delve deeper into the factors that weren’t immediately apparent.

Video Style

The ‘Video For’ tab can be used to further highlight the purpose of the video. Whether it’s for kids, tech gurus, entrepreneurs or animal-lovers, there’s a button for it. Some of these options may already be selected as a result of Studio’s initial diagnosis, but feel free to add some more. Simply choose which option(s) best fit with the video that’s uploaded, and Studio will have a rethink about what music to offer.

Music Style

This tab has 3 sub-sections: ‘Music For’, ‘Genres’, and ‘Mood’.

  • The ‘Music For’ tab concerns the theme or purpose of the video. There is some crossover between this and the video tab, so make sure to select the correct buttons for each tab.

  • The ‘Genre’ tab offers a variety of different genres such as gospel, drone, rock and electronic music.

  • ‘Moods’ concerns the overall feel of the song, and there are options for calm, euphoric, humorous moods, and everything in between.

These parameters can massively change the music that Studio offers. So, what’s the takeaway? Well, Studio is incredibly clever, but it cannot read minds! Those who lean towards a certain music style, or have an obscure purpose for their video, might want to do some shaping, and that’s why the filters are so important. In just a couple of clicks, Studio can better understand the nature of the video, have a rethink and come back with that song that you had in your head this entire time.

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