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Studio: How it works

You might be wondering how Studio’s actually works. Well, here is a complete breakdown of how Studio uses AI-powered audio analysis to cohesively match music to your video with a tailor-made, emotive and stimulating edit.

Video Analysis

Before it tackles the music, Studio needs to know what it is matching it to. So, it completes an initial, in-depth analysis of the video you import:

  1. It begins by locating any scene changes in the video.

  2. Then, it turns its attention to the actual content of the video, pinpointing the subject and mood of the video.

Analyzing the video as such creates a standard for topic, mood and style. All that the video is awaiting now is some appropriate music, and Studio will get to work immediately to find this for you!

Audio Analysis

When faced with any particular song, Studio uses artificial intelligence (A.I.) to locate small, linked segments of the track and uses these to determine the overall structure of the song. This might seem confusing, but analyzing the music in this way will produce a better end-product - a song which retains all of the emotional and structural integrity of the original, but can now be more versatile, and can successfully fit within any video that it is paired with.

Putting it all Together

So, we know how Studio approaches audio and video analysis, but how does it draw these two together cohesively?

Well, once the video is uploaded and the music is chosen, studio calculates the song’s segments and uses these to identify synchro points and other qualifying factors within the track. These factors determine which structures can be moved around, left alone, or removed completely to fit the video that has been uploaded. From this, Studio will reconstruct the song to fit the desired specifications, by fine-tuning each segment to match the video’s transitions, without sacrificing the vocal or melodic arrangement.

This is how Studio feature does the work for you. Although it may feel like something out of Hogwarts, it’s the magic of A.I. which makes it possible, and sets Studio apart from the crowd!

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