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Why We Are Video First

When it comes to content creation, we put video first.

I have often thought that the way people find and use music for videos is old-fashioned, and there must be a better way. Using complicated search terms and many different search engines has evolved very little over the last 15 years. Today, a creator needs a significant level of expertise to find the right music for their content. Even those with the creative ability to envision how their content will tie together still need a robust musical vocabulary to differentiate between genres, structures, moods, and purposes. Simply working with a linear music track does not give a good picture of how the music and video will work together - they need to be heard coherently to understand their compatibility fully, and today, that’s a challenge!

By nature, music is entirely subjective.

There is no such thing as the ‘right track or genre of music for a video; a boisterous rock song may work just as well as a sophisticated orchestral piece. What’s more important is the energy of a song and how this matches the creative intent of the video. With the music market becoming more saturated daily, understanding how to match music to a video is more challenging unless the individual sourcing the music is skilled or has enough time for trial and error. Finding the right track for a video is inevitably time-consuming.

The traditional approach starts with finding the music first, which forces the user to predict or envision how a track will sound against their video. Unfortunately, this option will yield nebulous, subjective results at the very best and introduce even more problems when working with a client. For example, if a brand wants to cut a short video on a new product, they entrust their brand image and vision to someone with their subjective tastes.

A ‘music-first’ approach doesn’t always yield the best results

It’s clear that opting for a traditional ‘music-first’ approach is time-consuming, subjective, and doesn’t yield the best results. Countless hours have been spent searching for music, then editing that music to sync with the video – only to toss out that music selection and start the process over again. That’s why our approach to finding music is a 180° pivot from any current method. With Studio, you can build out the imagery first - ensuring it contains everything you want to show - then automatically find and edit a song to match.

Using visual content as search criteria

The beauty of Studio is that it starts with the video and uses the visual content as search criteria to inform the AI to select music that would be most appropriate. Studio’s unique technology automatically finds diverse, impactful, and licensed tracks to satisfy even the most particular tastes in seconds. Whenever you upload a video, the best five tracks are selected from a database of more than 2 million songs to be the most suitable match for that content. Then, as the system finds music to recommend, it creates a custom remix of that music that will fit the style and length of the video perfectly. In essence, no two tracks will ever be the same. Then, they are automatically synced to your video to preview the content immediately. Users can then preview as few or as many tracks as they like and refine the search criteria to land on the perfect track. Once a track is chosen, the user can export directly to platforms such as YouTube or Instagram, with no legal issues or risk of having that content pulled down. This is nothing short of revolutionary.

Creators no longer have to be music experts to find a song that brings out their true creative vision. Using Studio simplifies workflow, making the task of finding that perfect track simple, automatic, and fast.


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