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How Studio is Creating a New Way to Monetize Music in the Creator Economy

Bringing Value Back to Music

The music ecosystem is growing more eclectic and diverse by the day, and while this is great for music, it’s also created a saturated economy in which many musicians are struggling to monetize their artform. Gone are the days when a vinyl record or CD would fetch ten to twenty dollars; when your fans would be lining up outside record stores, with bills waving in their hands. We’ve moved to an online space, and artists now need more creative revenue streams to sufficiently support the art that they create. Given how integral music is to popular culture, the lack of revenue from digital use is a sad reality for music devotees such as myself.

That’s why, at MatchTune, we want to change this. We’re actively taking steps to return the value to musicianship, and our Artist Music Program (AMP) exemplifies this. Now, content creators can tap into AMP music to make their projects more impactful, and the artists behind the music can get paid when their music gets used.

MatchTune is founded by artists who are all too familiar with the difficulties in making money as a modern musican. We believe that music is one of the most integral artforms in society, having such a profound impact on our culture. As such, we’re itching to begin offering musicians another avenue to monetize their artform.

How to Apply

Getting involved with the program is simple and only takes a few minutes. There are as many content creators as there are preferences for music, so the ecosystem of our Studio app is dependent on a wide variety of music.

Simply fill out a short submission form here. For those that are selected, your music will be offered to content creators within our Studio app and, every time they use it for their content, we’ll pay you. To make it clear: we do NOT retain the rights to your music. You’re still the owner, but the AMP just means that other people can license it for their work, and we can pay you when they do!

Work With André Manoukian

We’re incredibly lucky at MatchTune to have André Manoukian as a co-founder on the team. For the few that are unaware, André is a famous jazz musician and judge on the hit talent show ‘Nouvelle Star’ - France’s version of ‘The Voice’. He’s going to be actively involved with us in the selection process, and will be reviewing selected artists’ music on his live Twitch to his thousands of followers. This is a fantastic opportunity - not only to have your music reviewed by one of the industry’s titans, but also to increase your exposure in front of André’s impressive Twitch fanbase.

The Future of the AMP

As you can probably tell, we’re super excited to be launching this program, and we hope that it goes some way to helping young musicians earn a living doing what they love. However, we won’t be standing and watching; we’re committed to innovation and development as a brand, so don’t expect us to go quiet anytime soon. Future plans for AMP include a mentorship program for the artists we bring onboard, whereby we’ll be introducing big-name ‘mentor’ artists in the US. This will provide an opportunity for your music to be reviewed by chart-topping household names.

For now, however, I speak for everyone at MatchTune when I say that we can’t wait to hear your music, and welcome you to be part of our journey.

George Macias, CEO.

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