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Studio Lite works where you work

Studio Lite is a universal plugin that empowers video creators to quickly find music and instantly edit it to the desired duration to match video content. Simply drag and drop the edited track directly into your favorite video editing app (Final Cut Pro, Da Vinci, iMovie, etc) or download the integrated plug-in for Adobe Creative Suite. 


Open the Web App for iPhone, iPad, & Android

Download for Mac, iMac, & MacBook

Download for Adobe Creative Suite


Studio Lite works with iPhone, iPad, Mac, MacBook and Windows as well as Android devices. Plus, for content creators working with Adobe Premiere Pro, Audition, After Effects, Animate and Prelude, simply download the Studio Lite for Adobe plug-in for a seamless experience. 


From a catalog of over 2 million pre-cleared tracks, Smart Filters allows creators to fine-tune music results for easy publishing for online use.

To get started with Studio Lite, read our tutorial blog Getting Started with Studio Lite Universal or Getting Started with Studio Lite for Adobe.

Studio Lite Tutorials

Watch Studio Lite tutorial video for Mac, iMac, & MacBook

Watch Studio Lite tutorial video for Adobe Premier Pro

Tutorial for iPhone, iPad, and Android coming soon. Stay tuned.

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