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Music,  Simplified.

No Credit Card Required

Automatically find music, edit and publish your video to social media.

Plus, now you can add all of the finishing touches to your audio editing like sound effects, closed captions and subtitles to get the most out of your content.



Find your music in a matter of seconds, then publish directly to your favorite social networks.



Instant professional-level video sync and video editing, track resizing and finishing tools.



A no-training-required intuitive interface that anyone can use to create a perfectly polished video.

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Introducing Studio Lite

Created with professional video editors in mind, Studio Lite gives creators access to Studio’s extensive catalog of more than 2 million pre-cleared songs and all of the smart editing and sync tools available in Studio.


Available as an integrated plug-in for Adobe Creative Suite, Studio Lite also works as a universal plugin for Mac devices, Android and as a webapp optimized for Chrome and Safari.

Finding music for your video just got a lot less time-consuming.

Sorting through endless tracks to find the right one for your video content used to take hours or days. Thanks to the power of artificial intelligence, after uploading your content, Studio will analyze it and present you with several matching tracks that have already been edited to match your video length and sync with any cuts.

With Studio, you can easily find and add music to video and that is just the beginning, read more to learn about Studio's features.

Partnering with Industry Leaders

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"We invested in MatchTune because it uniquely provides a reliable solution to a rapidly growing need for original music delivered in high volume. MatchTune has built an unique tech platform with a very seasoned team."

- Jean Marie Messier, Investor, Former CEO, Vivendi Universal

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