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How to Make Cute Video Edits

Why It’s Important to Make Aesthetic Videos

“Aesthetic” is another, more professional way of saying cute. In a world of video content scrolling past viewers’ eyes for just one second, your videos must catch your audience’s attention right away.

Studies show you only have seconds to grab a viewer’s attention before they scroll past your video and onto something that looks more interesting. But amateur creators are getting better and better at creating professional-looking videos from the comfort of their homes, thanks to software like Studio.

Studio by MatchTune is designed to make the process of incorporating music into your videos both quick and easy. It is a video editing tool that automatically finds, cuts, and syncs audio tracks to videos for creators who want to produce professional-looking content. Videos created with Studio can easily compete with other professionally created content on the web, with their look and sound being the top grade.

Some General Tips for Aesthetic Video Editing

One way to learn how to make cute video edits is to watch many videos and determine what you like and don’t like. If something looks good, why does it look that way to you? Is it the color scheme?

Is there a filter the creator used that ties the content together? Is the music on point? (More on that in a later section.) If the video looks or sounds bad, why is that? Choppy editing? Too many fonts or colors? Poorly created captions? (Captions, by the way, are a must for videos on today’s platforms.)

Your video should have a unified look regarding colors, visuals, and fonts. You don’t want it to look like several videos are happening simultaneously. When in doubt, simpler is better. You don’t want to overwhelm your viewers with either sound or visuals.

This means music that matches the tone of the visuals and cuts that match the pace of the content. Don’t linger too long on shots if it’s an action video. If it’s a music video of a gentle song, don’t cut too quickly between angles.

Suppose you’re looking for even more guidance and tutorials on creating video content that stops people from scrolling and commands attention. In that case, you can look at other posts, tutorials, and videos on our Studio blog.

How Smart Music Search Allows You to Edit Cute Videos

Syncing your video seamlessly with great music is incredibly easy with Studio. It offers over 2 million different tracks to pair with your video. The Smart Music Search feature analyzes your video and culls those millions of tracks down to a few for you to select from. People may give a pass to less-than-stellar video, but very few people will sit through a video with bad audio.

That's why your video needs to have just the right music for the content you’ve created, and with Studio’s Artificial Intelligence, that task is effortless. If you’re going it alone or using a less novice-friendly editing suite, it could take days or even weeks to find and secure the perfect song for your video, let alone edit it to match the emotional beats of the music. Studio has the power to analyze your video and offer you potential tracks to match with it, pulled from a library of millions of songs.

MatchTune partners with leading music companies, so Studio always has current, relevant music for you to choose from for your video. You can always tell when a video has a “stock sound” feel, but with Studio, people will think your videos were professionally produced and edited.

Smart Music Search can analyze your video and identify the type of video content, whether it be an action video of people playing sports, a musical performance, a brand video, or kid-focused content.

And these are just a few genres that Smart Music Search can detect. Smart Music Search will then assess Studio’s music catalog to find five distinct tracks that could work for your video. If you feel that none of them are quite right for your video, you can click “Give me more,” and Studio will generate five more tracks for you to choose from.

You can apply music filters to Smart Music Search if you have a specific idea of what you’re looking for. All you have to do is click the “video style” tab in the upper right corner of your screen to adjust the video genre that Smart Music Search has automatically detected and click “apply these criteria.” This way, Smart Music Search can adjust your results given more detailed parameters.

You can also select the “music style tab” and choose the music genre and mood preferences. And don’t worry: Studio automatically edits the track you choose to be the same length as your video. Watch this video for more tips on using Smart Music Search.

How Studio Makes Cute Video Edits Easy

Studio will take whatever music track you select and seamlessly integrate it with your video content, cutting the music down to the appropriate length for your video and syncing cuts in the video to the beats of the music.

It takes what would usually be hours of work and makes quick work of it. Essentially, a video that would even take hours to produce can be done in just a few minutes. No endless cutting and recutting, struggling with difficult-to-use software, or hours searching for the perfect soundtrack in vain.

You are left with a sleek, well-edited, and aesthetically pleasing video with a perfect soundtrack. It’s like having your own professional editor and sound engineer in the room with you.

Studio is fast, powerful, and easy. In just a few seconds, you can find the perfect soundtrack for your video, edit and sync it to match your video shot-for-shot, and edit down the audio track to be the same length as your video. Not to mention the software is incredibly intuitive and simple to use, even for inexperienced or novice content creators. It is the future of video content creation. Feature films are being shot on iPhones, and influencers are creating content with millions of likes, shares, and follows from the comfort of their bedrooms.

A professional recording studio and editing room are at your fingertips when you’ve got Studio in your content toolbox. To learn more about Studio’s video-sync feature, click here. Give Studio a try today—download now to get started!

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