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Best Video Formats for Social Media Posts in 2022

If we've learned anything in the past few years of ever-developing media, video content is the ultimate visualization tool for convergence (the process of bringing multiple forms of media together for well-rounded content).

Accounts that display educational or informative content should prioritize videos for their social media marketing because 65% of the general public are visual learners. But it doesn't hurt for social media accounts of every industry to try video content.

The investment can start low. 44% of marketers use an iPhone as their primary camera for video content, and affordable apps like Studio by Matchtune make things easy for the best high-quality video format. But there is still a question that remains:

Why are video formats important in social media posting?

Take, for instance, Youtube. Youtube is the largest video platform, with 81% of internet users have used YouTube, yet, content creators beg the question, "what is the best youtube video format?" or "what is youtube video format(s)?" Well, video formats for Youtube (or formatting for any platform), for that matter, are the foundation of reliable and functional videos.

Incorrect formatting, including resolution, sizing, audio, and more, can create problems when uploading. This can make the viewer less entertained, uncomfortable, or frustrated if the video is hard to watch.

Some prefer automated framing solutions to help. Automatic framing is an option in most editing software where you can automatically transform aspect ratios. While it's not a requirement, it can help frame and format videos to be more accessible.

It's been predicted that the average person will spend 100 minutes a day watching online videos. If we craft our video right, people may spend their time watching our content instead of others. While we all need quick tips for creating killer videos now and then, for the best content quality, one should know how to format videos accordingly to help the viewer experience.

Video formats for different social media platforms

The best video format for Instagram and the best video format for youtube should be common knowledge by now. But in reality, formatting may be one reason why content creators fear video creation. Formatting can be as intimidating as it seems; thus, we need to know the best video format for each platform to overcome this fear. To simplify video format sizes (Instagram video formats, facebook video format(s), etc.), use our cheat guide down below:

Match your video formats with amazing content

Formatting is a practical tool to make this happen, but cute video edits and aesthetics have taken the internet by storm. 16% of people stopped watching a video because they felt it was too boring, meaning we need to make changes and spice up our content. Our videos need to be watchable, high-quality content because people have plenty of other content creators to switch to.

Thankfully video making is not as complex as it used to be. You don't have to be a videographer or editor to provide stunning visuals, exceptional audio, and valuable content. Now, beginners are making professional-grade videos with their smartphones, and the possibilities are endless!

Apps like Studio make this process easier and faster without the hassle of strenuous exporting, long uploading times, or countless hours of song-hunting. Now you can have dozens of AI-selected tracks auto-synced, from a catalog of over 2 million, that match your video to upload or export instantly. You tell the story. We set the tone. Go download Studio today!

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