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How to Add Music to Your Videos on iPhone

Adding music to your iPhone videos with Matchtune is really simple (once you read this blog, that is). MatchTune Studio gives you many options for what kind of music you can add, and once the app has synced everything up and gotten it ready to share, you’ll have something you’re really proud of.

Choose the Right Music for Your Video

MatchTune Studio has a feature called Smart Music Search. It analyzes your video and identifies the type of content, from sports, art, science and tech, or kids, to name a few. Then Smart Music Search combs the entire Studio music catalog to find several different kinds of tracks that would work best for your video.

MatchTune partners with leading production music companies, so Studio always has the latest and greatest tracks for you to choose from. Smart Music Search will provide you with five options. If none of them are right for your video, you can click “Give me more” and MatchTune Studio will generate five different tracks for you to choose from.

You can apply music filters to Smart Music Search to refine the kinds of results you’re getting. Simply click the “video style” tab in the upper right corner to change the video style and subsequently your Smart Music Search results. Click “apply these criteria” and see what happens.

If you’re still not satisfied with the results, you can select the “music style tab” and state your preferences for music purposes, genre, and mood. This will get you much closer to the style of music you’re looking to add to your video. MatchTune Studio will automatically edit the track to be the same length as your video. Watch this video for more tips on using Smart Music Search.

Import the Music Into Your Phone's Video Editor

If you want to import your own music file into the app to be used, click “media” on the left-hand side menu, under the “text to speech” tab. Click “add media” and navigate to your chosen file.

Once you have uploaded your preferred audio file, add it to your video by dragging it to where you would like it in the timeline.

Sync the Music with Your Video Footage

MatchTune Studio will automatically sync the music with your video content, editing the track down to the appropriate length and syncing the music with any cuts in your video.

Export and Share Your Video

To export your video, all you have to do is click the export icon in the top right corner. You’ll be presented with different options for how you would like to export your video–web, social media, save to your phone directly, etc. Select the option you would like and click “start.” This will publish your video to the appropriate platform or download it to the selected location.

Simplify Editing Music Videos Using MatchTune

MatchTune Studio is a video post-production tool that finds you the perfect music without skipping a beat. Not only can MatchTune Studio find the perfect soundtrack for your video, but it also cuts and syncs your audio tracks for you.

This makes it the perfect tool for both professionals and amateurs making content for any platform on the web who don’t have a full suite of professional video editing software at their disposal. Download MatchTune Studio today to get started.

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