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How to Sync Audio and Video for Your Content

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Have you ever watched a video where the audio and video were just a little…off? It can feel like a bad lip sync video when your audio and video aren’t aligned. While it may not seem like a huge deal in every moment, it’s definitely distracting for your audience. What’s worse, it may make you seem less-than-professional and tarnish your credibility.

IBM once reported that when it comes to audio-video lagging, some people are more sensitive than others. Some may notice audio that’s just a few frames out of sync while others may not pick up on a delay until it’s much more severe.

However, you want to make sure that no matter who’s viewing your video that nothing keeps them from hearing what you have to say.

You work too hard to let your audience miss out on your message because your audio and video are out of sync. Here’s what you need to know about syncing your video and your audio so everything times out perfectly.

What Is Audio and Video Synchronization, and Why Is It Important for Content Creators?

Audio-to-video synchronization refers to the relationship between sound and image in video and film. Poor audio-to-video synchronization is known as lip-sync error or lip flap, and it can happen at any point between creation, post-production, transmission, reception, or play-back.

Here’s the thing: Audio-to-video synchronization is a big deal to some people. As a content creator, that also means it should be a big deal to you too. Television studios will use an audio synchronizer to maintain perfect (or near perfect) AV-sync because they know how important AV-sync is for some folks.

How does this audio synchronizer work? First, it’s important to know that sometimes, video output can lag. The technology responsible for processing video data sends a message to the synchronizer called a DDO, or digital delay output, about how much time there is between the processing of the video and the displayed image. The synchronizer reads this data and delays the audio output by the same amount.

It’s usually easy to tell when the audio is out of sync in a video if there are people talking. Either the person in the video moves their mouth before you start hearing words or you start hearing words before they open their mouth. The bigger the gap between the audio and video, the harder it is to enjoy whatever you’re watching.

We’ve all seen videos with this type of error, and not only does it make the video less enjoyable, but it also makes us think the creator doesn’t know what they are doing. It impacts our impression of them. You can avoid being one of those creators by using MatchTune’s suite of solutions to simplify your audio and video syncing. When you make your professional-grade videos for all the world to see, Studio by MatchTune keeps your audio and video connected.

For more tips on how to make a video like a professional, check out this blog post, or get started with learning Studio software here.

How Can MatchTune Simplify Audio and Video Sync for My Videos?

What about music? Music is just as integral to the success of your video as great audio-video synchronization; it just takes the right song to connect with your audience. In days gone by, it could take days or even weeks to find and secure the perfect song for your video. But Studio’s Artificial Intelligence has made that problem irrelevant.

MatchTune is designed to make the process of incorporating music and audio simple, fast, and easy. Studio by MatchTune is a video production tool that automatically finds, cuts, and syncs audio tracks for content creators putting together their latest videos.

Studio has the power to analyze your video, cull potential tracks from thousands of options, automatically edit the track to the appropriate length, and sync the music with any cuts. It even automatically recomposes tracks based on your video cuts and scene changes so you always have audio that’s the exact length of your video content, with no wiggle room to struggle with syncing. The final result is an audio track that matches your video content for a professional-level edit with no frustrating syncing or matching up of audio and video on your end.

Once you have your video assembled just the way you like it, you can review the edits Studio has made and make any necessary adjustments.

Altogether it’s:

  • Fast, helping you find just the right audio in a matter of seconds.

  • Powerful, with instant, automatic, professional-level syncing and audio track resizing capabilities

  • Easy, with intuitive features and a simple-to-use interface anyone can manage.

Studio by MatchTune is the future of video content creation—and that includes audio and video syncing. Don’t waste time trying to get your audio and video clips to line up just right. Choose each song automatically and tailor it to fit the length of each clip in mere seconds. To learn more about Studio’s video-sync feature, click here. Give MatchTune a try today—download now to get started!

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