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Match the Mood of Your Video to the Music with Matchtune

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Choose the right music for your video

Everyone wants to find that perfect song to accompany their video, but landing on the right one is more challenging than it seems. You need to know where to look first if you want to find the perfect music to accompany your video. By putting in a little additional effort up front to pick the ideal track, you can increase the reach and resonance of your videos.

There are a number of factors to take into account when determining what makes for effective background music. What is the tone of your content, and who is your target market? Do you spend a lot of money hiring an original music composer for your video, or do you try to use free background music for the project?

Some video background music is made to lift the sub-perceptual level. Some music releases energy, while other music establishes the tone and complements what is happening on screen. Consider the type of video you are making and the part you want music to play.


A bookend, which typically includes an animation or text and lasts three to five seconds, signals the beginning or end of a video. The beginning and end of each chapter can also be indicated if your video is particularly lengthy. Viewers can also focus and tune in better with bookends, as they provide a sense of fulfillment after the video is over. Additionally, bookends are a smart branding strategy. If you're making a video series, having your logo and the title of the series on the bookend makes it instantly recognizable.

You can be more specific about your music choice the more you are aware of the age, affiliations, and musical interests of your audience. The best course of action is to play it safe with corporate tones, classic rock, and ambient music if your audience is made up of a diverse group of business professionals. Indie rock, hip hop, electronic music, and dance music, however, might be better choices if you are aware that they are younger.

Add music early on in the editing process

The longer you wait to add music to your video, the harder it will be to settle on that perfect choice. It is far easier to adapt a video to a song than the other way around, so be sure to listen to any potential song choices all the way through.

It’s important that the tone of the song matches the tone of your video, and realizing that this isn’t the case after spending hours trying to fit your video to the song is extremely frustrating. You should ideally have a song already chosen before beginning the editing process, but if that’s not possible, at least understand the tone of your video and what kind of music you need to match it.

Use royalty-free music

There are occasions when you may require a song with a strong cultural identity, such as the Star Wars theme song, but don't have the funding for licensing. If this is the case for you, you have the following choices: Find a track that looks like the well-known one, or search for earlier music that produces a similar effect but is in the public domain.

Copyrights in nations that have ratified the Berne Convention expire 50 or 70 years after the creator's passing, at which point their work can be used without restriction. This includes any music written by classical artists like Bach and Beethoven, as well as any recordings made in the United States before 1950.

Be careful with copyrighted music

The majority of music on the market was produced by people who wanted payment or at the very least recognition for it. Double-check everything before you release it publicly if it was recorded by a major music production business since you can almost always assume their lawyers are looking for copyright infringements.

The word "royalty-free" is frequently used to describe music, but it's a little deceptive because it doesn't necessarily imply that it's free to use. It entails that you can buy the song once and use it as many times as you'd like without having to pay a royalty or a small amount each time. In contrast to music that is free of royalties, rights-managed music requires a fee.

Experiment with different types of music

Don’t limit yourself to only choosing music from one genre. Just because the tone of your video lands in the upbeat or energetic range doesn’t mean you’re forced to use a song with heavy guitars and fast drums. There’s a world full of all different kinds of music, and you may be surprised what pairs well with your video when you experiment a little.

Match the mood of your video to the music with Matchtune

Finding the right music to match a specific piece of content in a music catalog is a notoriously time-consuming process. Most music catalogs are not properly tagged, or their filters produce low-quality search results. An additional complexity to the problem is that the human perception of a song, its mood, genre, etc., is very subjective.

But why waste time searching or song-matching? We have developed an AI technology that analyzes content and generates music that matches each specific piece of content. We have achieved this through the in-depth analysis of our music catalog, where millions of data points were created based on the most unbiased characteristics. We integrated this technology into Studio to revolutionize the way people create and consume content—give MatchTune a try today!

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