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What is AMP and who is it for?

Nowadays, many talented artists are left in the shadows, because they are never found in the rachaus online noise and artists don't always get the exposure they deserve. MatchTune has decided to help them out with our new Artist Music Program (AMP).

So, what is it exactly?

A music mentoring and monetization program for indie artists

AMP is a program dedicated to helping young indie artists who are looking to promote their music and make money from it. Artists can apply to the program and have their songs published in the Studio music library where they can generate revenue from micro-sync licensing in videos online and on social media. It is also an opportunity for them to be discovered globally and gain a following.

Selected Artists will be invited to participate in a live review and showcase with André Manoukian, the head of the program, and a former judge on Nouvelle Star (the French version of American Idol). The goal is to create a springboard for artists to start earning money with their music and to get their music heard all around the world without limiting any external opportunities.

2. Who is it for?

Independent emerging artists

This program is designed for independent artists as well as those who already have some traction in the music world. The goal of this program is to make indie music more accessible to video content creators while providing new revenue generation opportunities through micro-sync licensing. Additionally, this is a new way for musicians who are looking for an audience to be heard and gain a following.

3. How does it work?

Start by applying here

Anyone can apply and it doesn’t cost anything. When you fill out the form, you will be asked to submit three of your best songs! The music will be reviewed by André and other established music professionals.

The Artist Music Program team will get back to you with an answer via email as soon as they can. (Note: this can take up to 4 weeks, depending on the volume of applicants). If you are accepted, the applicant will receive a form to fill out with more information about themselves, their background, and their music. They will then be invited to accept a publishing contract for the submitted work to be published in Studio’s music library which will enable them to generate revenue from their music submissions.

Selected artists will have the opportunity to work with the MatchTune marketing team to coordinate a live twitch with André Manoukian, be featured in blog posts, email blasts, and on MatchTune's social media channels.

Interested in applying? Click here to get started.


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