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How to make TikTok Videos - 5 Easy Steps for Beginners

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

So you’re reading this blog post because you want to know the 5 steps to be able to make a successful video. If you haven't done it before, this is a great place to start.

Step 1 - Brainstorm

Before starting to create your project it is important to have fresh ideas or a new approach, this will help you both in the execution of creating your video content as well as ensure its relevance. Whether you have seen a trend on social media you want to recreate, or a brand new idea, you need to have it detailed out. The best way I find to generate ideas is by going back to basics with a simple mind map. I find this the best way to brainstorm all your ideas. If this is a collaborative project you can use things like Miro, this helps people collaborate remotely.

Step 2 - Plan

Once you have your idea it is now time to create a storyboard and a story arc to outline your plan for the video. A storyboard allows you to plan out each frame of the video with visual drawings, this helps to visualize your video. A story arc allows you to tell your story in a more engaging way. The first part is where you want to build up tension until you reach the climax (the middle). The second part of the video is the coming down from the climax and the ending of the video.

Here are the best steps I like to follow when I plan my own videos:

  1. Create a timeline, this will help with the structure of your video.

  2. Establish which parts of your video are the most important.

  3. If there is dialogue, having a script is important to know what you’re going to say, but to also know which direction you want to take your video in.

  4. Storyboard your video and try to sketch each thumbnail, also try to add as much description as possible this will help to visualize your ideas.

Step 3 - Creating Content

So now you have your idea storyboarded it is time to create your content. For smaller budgets, the majority of the content you are viewing on social media is recorded on a smartphone or pulled from stock video. The latest smartphones have really good high-quality cameras on them. Recording on your smartphone makes the process easier and is less intrusive than a traditional video camera. Simply pull out your phone, hit record and you’re good to go. There are also great free stock video footage sites like Pexels that can help bring your story to life.

Step 4 - Editing

Now onto editing your video, this is my favorite part when you finally get to see the outcome of your project. To assemble your video footage you do need an editing app, but don’t worry there are good ones out there you can use for free. If you are a Mac user you can use iMovie, if you are a Windows user you can use Windows Video Editor.

Everyone knows in order to have a successful video you need a the right soundtrack to complement your video. The easiest and most professional way to do this is by using tools like Studio. Studio uses AI to recommend the right soundtrack for your video, it will even cut the soundtrack to the right length to compliment your video. Starting May 2022, Studio will also be able to add sound effects, closed captions, subtitles, and even turn your text into speech.

Step 5 - Share

So now you’ve edited your video it’s now time to share it with the world. It’s important to know which social media site you are uploading your video to, as each site has different upload requirements. Starting May 2022, Studio will be able to automatically re-frame your content to optimize it for different social media platforms as well as instantly publish directly on the platform, bypassing any clearance checks. If you are sharing it on TikTok, just connect your account and share straight from Studio.

I hope all these steps helped you to make the best video ever! Make sure to tag us in your videos so we can check out your masterpiece!

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