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MatchTune: Your Go-To Video Content Creator Tool

What is a video content creator tool?

Video steals more and more online traffic each year from other content categories. As of 2018, YouTube received daily video views of more than 500 million hours from internet users all over the world. Every 30 days, we upload as much video content jointly as the top American television networks have produced over the previous three decades.

These factors necessitate that content marketers "raise" their game when it comes to video, and to do so, they need the best tools available. Content creation tools help businesses to create content for their marketing initiatives. When it comes to video content creation, these tools provide the ability to streamline the process and make it more efficient than ever.

How to use the video content creator tool to produce videos

Finding the perfect music for your video content used to take hours or days of searching through countless tracks. After you upload your clip, Studio will analyze it using artificial intelligence to give you a selection of tracks that are similar to it and have already been altered to match your video duration and sync with any cuts. With Studio, finding and incorporating music into videos is simple.

Tips for creating effective videos with the video content creator tool

Authentic, captivating, and entertaining storytelling that is also relatable is ideal. However, viewers prefer authenticity more than interesting, thought-provoking, or thrilling videos. How can you accomplish both? Try making the narrator, storyline, or behind-the-scenes images from a pleasant and more realistic perspective if, for instance, you feature a lifestyle or experience that the majority of people never get to see or enjoy. If viewers have trouble visualizing or connecting with you or your video, they might go on to other articles.

Make sure the content is consumer-friendly. You risk doing more harm than good if your marketing videos are overly grainy, noisy, dark, shaky, or inappropriate. If you're not experienced at or comfortable filming, think about hiring a skilled videographer. Just make sure to speak with that person in advance of the shoot to interview and brainstorm. Use competent amateurs or upcoming videographers without hesitation as long as they share your vision for the project, you agree on payment and other terms, and they can produce high-caliber work on schedule.

No matter how long the video is or how great the conclusion is, the first five or so seconds are what matter most. You run the danger of losing the viewer's attention if they are not captivating, interesting, or otherwise intriguing to your target demographic. Put the official video introduction or information after the first 5 to 10 seconds and use the rest of the time to impress viewers with something more attention-grabbing. Making the first frame that users view colorful rather than a blank screen or another object that doesn't entice them to click is also advantageous.

Why videos are an important part of online marketing

Some 64 percent of buyers make a purchase after seeing branded video content — and social media video content drives 12-times as many shares as image and text-based posts combined. Additionally, as the brain processes video up to 60,000 times faster than text, the proper clip may enable you to establish a stronger emotional bond with potential clients.

Marketers have plenty of options when it comes to how they use video content. This means it’s easy to find a method that fits in with your company’s marketing goals. You may upload stories that vanish after a set length of time on most social networking sites, including Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. These are excellent since they appeal directly to your audience and can be produced quickly and inexpensively. However, you must already have or be actively growing, a social media audience for your stories to be successful.

Try MatchTune to create your own unique videos

Finding the right music to match a specific piece of content in a music catalog is a notoriously time-consuming process. Most music catalogs are not properly tagged, or their filters produce low-quality search results. An additional complexity to the problem is that the human perception of a song, its mood, genre, etc., is very subjective.

Our platform removes all this hassle, automatically suggesting carefully-curated songs that match the tone and feel of your videos to provide our users with the most personalized and accurate experience possible. These songs are cut and adjusted to fit the exact length of each clip. Through this technology, we are able to create a unique soundscape for each piece of content, ensuring that the music always enhances the experience. We are constantly working to improve our technology, and we are confident that it will revolutionize the way people consume content. Test MatchTune out for yourself to see how easy it can be!

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